Do you sell __________?

Nope, Sorry! We don’t have the right licenses and insurance to be able to sell ANY materials. For car parts, you can try Johannes Auto Sales or Tri-State U-Wrench and Save in Jackson, or Junior Sinn’s in Cape Girardeau. For new steel sales you can try Semo Steel and Supply in Cape, or for sheet metal you can try Fortify Building Solutions (formerly Reed’s Metals) in Scott City.
(Want to be added to this list? Email Alicia at acapemetal@gmail.com)

Do you recycle tires?

No. We can accept 4 tires per car, or the tires that came on a machine or piece of equipment, but we cannot accept extras or tires without the wheel for a variety of reasons. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has a list of tire processors that can be found at this web address, and those licensed to haul scrap tires can be found at this web address. We generally recommend Sievers Enterprises at 573-579-5352 as he is licensed as both in Cape Girardeau county. For more infomation on scrap tires you can visit the Missouri DNR site here.

Do you take aluminum pie plates and aluminum foil?

No, unfortunately these materials cannot be recycled here. The buyers we have do not accept it.

Do I need to remove the tires/glass/seats/gas tank from a car I want to scrap?

We only ask you put a hole in the gas tank, unless you’re driving it in, and we can take care of all the rest. We can take the 4 tires per car, but we don’t want any extras or tires without a wheel. The rest of the fluids we can evacuate, and it is not necessary to remove the glass or seats or anything else. You are welcome to toss in some extra metal or car parts as long as there isn’t any heavy unprepared, tanks, cinderblocks, bricks, or any other non-metal materials.

Do I need a title for a car? What if I have the title but it’s not in my name?

If you have a title that’s the easiest way to sell a vehicle. However, if you don’t, Missouri law provides a way to sell a car that is at least ten years old and without liens on a bill of sale to a scrap metal operator. We check the VIN number against the state’s database of liens and as long as there are no liens or you can provide a lien release, we can purchase those vehicles on a scrap metal operators bill of sale. You’ll need to have your current state ID with you as we have to send a copy of that with it. If you want to call or text us ahead of time with 17 digit VIN we can check that so if it does show a lien it leaves you time to arrange getting a lien release before hauling it in.

If you have the title but it’s not in your name we can still buy it, but we take a copy of your state ID and keep records of what vehicles were sold to us, so any improprieties are turned over to law enforcement.

Do I need to roll up fencing?

No, we can take your fencing type materials in any condition. Rolled up is fine if that’s easiest way for you to haul, but a big jumbled mess is ok too. We can take woven wire, field wire, chainlink, barbed wire, and more.

Do you take Televisions?

Sometimes. We can take the flatscreen tv’s and monitors that are fairly thin, but we cannot take the old style tube tv’s that are very thick, nor the projection tv’s.

Does the compressor need to be out of my refrigerator or air conditioning unit?

No, it does not need to be removed, but if you want to remove it we can buy it separately for a sealed unit. That is completely up to you if you’d like to remove it.

Do I need to do anything to my refrigerator before bringing it in? Do the doors need to be removed?

No, unless it happens to be an RV refrigerator that runs on ammonia. Generally there is not any special preparation other than removing anything that smells bad. If you need to hold your nose to get near it, you’ll need to clean it before bringing it to us. We’ll send it home with you if it stinks.  RV refrigerators that run on ammonia need to have the ammonia cleared before we can buy it.


“Ready to shred” is our largest and broadest category of metal. It includes appliances, barn metal, most passanger vechicles and car parts, fencing such as barb wire and chainlink, lawn mowers, culvert pipe, bicycles, treadmills, cast iron, and more. General rule of thumb is any steel that’s under a quarter of a inch in thickness goes as ready to shred. It can also include over quater of an inch in thickness if it’s been cut into 3 foot sections that will fit into an 18″ by 18″ hole.

“Heavy Un-prepared” is material that is between a quarter of an inch in thickness to three inches in thickness that will not fit in an 18″ by 18″ hole and/or is more than three foot sections. Examples would include school buses, delivery vans, heavy duty trukcs such as concrere trucks, trash trucks, some road tractors, box trucks, dump trucks, forklifts, dozers, some farm machinery, most industrial machines, rebar and I-beams.

“Oversize” is anything with 3 inch solid steel. Generally it’s items such as counterweights or equipment with counterweights still attached, and some especially large equipment.


Right now, this E-scrap includes

  • Green/Circuit boards
  • Laptops
  • Cell Phones
  • Tablets
  • Credit Card readers
  • Hard Drive Boards
  • ECM (Engine Control Module)
  • Some Networking Equipment
    • Switches
    • Routers
    • Modems

Laptops and cell phones may be with or without the batteries.


It does NOT include the following

  • Desktop computers
  • All-in-one computers
  • Home/office/landline phones
  • Docking stations
  • Satelite receivers
  • Digital cameras
  • Projectors
  • Circuit breakers
  • Electric meters
  • AC adaptors/power supplies
  • Loose batteries


Because this is an emerging market and products are constantly changing, this is subject to change, and we will update as we have new information.

There is a 2lb minimum on this category due to the small nature of these items.

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